About me:

I am a software developer currently live in Seattle, Washington. In my spare time, I study procedural content generation (PCG) for game development. In the future, I would like to work at the intersection of interactive entertainment and machine intelligence.


Lake Washington, Kirkland

Godaddy's office, Kirkland

Main Quad, Champaign

Oosterdok, Amsterdam


Lake Geneve, Lausanne

Hacienda Heights

UnityCraft (2018)

A simplified implementation of MineCraft in Unity.

Fast multithreaded world generation (non-ECS).

War Game (2017)

Explored 2D map generation and path finding for Civ-like strategy game.

Flight Simulator (2017)

Flight simulator in Virtual Reality

Interactive CS Concept Demo (2016)

Trying to mimic code.org but for advanced CS topics

3D Conway life of game

Seq2seq Chatbot (2016)

Language model based chatbot. github

Propagation Mergence (2016)

A PageRank based community detection algorithm. demo